Being part of the story: #2

Probably best to read the preceding post before you read this one.


PORTLAND, Maine (UPI) – Everett C. Carlson helped blow up a National Guard truck in Boston and kept watch while others blew up a plane at Logan Airport and a courthouse in Newburyport, Mass., the governor’s star witness said yesterday.

Joseph A. Aceto, 23, of Portland, was the first witness in the trial of Carlson, 38, also of Portland, on charges of interstate transportation of explosives in connection with the bombings.

Aceto, who pleaded guilty Friday to three counts of interstate transportation of explosives, testified all morning and was scheduled to take the stand again today for cross-examination.

Aceto told the jury that he, Carlson, Richard Picciarello, 28, of Portland and Edward Gullion Jr., 28, of Boston’s Dorchester section, went to Massachusetts July 1 to bomb unspecified targets because of what they considered “oppressive acts of government against poor and black people.”

“The idea was to make demands… “ the slightly built witness said, speaking easily of the events.

At one point the group developed a list of eight to 10 possible targets, including a nuclear submarine at the Portsmouth naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine, and jet bombers at Pease Air Force Base in New Hampshire and actually visited a section of the base,  Aceto said.

“Me and Piccariello crossed the fence onto the airfield,” he said. “Carlson got out of the car but didn’t cross the fence.

They left when they saw tracks of what they thought were guard dogs.

The group called itself the Fred Hampton Unit of the Peoples Forces, Aceto said. That was the name used in letters which claimed responsibility for bombing the Central Maine Power Co. in Maine on May 11.

“We planned to use explosives in the form of time bombs and we had side weapons for personal protection,” Aceto said.

Aceto said he carried a 9 mm pistol, Gullion carried a .38 caliber revolver and Piccariello was armed with a cut-down M-1 rifle.

The group went first to the federal building in Portsmouth, N.H., and a district court in Woburn, Mass., before deciding on the armory in Boston’s Dorchester section as a target, he said.

Aceto said the group cut a hole in a chain link fence and placed the bomb on top of the gas tank of one of the military trucks. Gullion poured gasoline under other vehicles on one side, he said, while Carlson poured gas near vehicles on the other side.

“We tried to call Boston police but couldn’t get a connection. We went to another phone booth… and I told the answerer I was a member of the Fred Hampton Unit and we were responsible for the bomb,” he said.

Aceto said the group then drove to Logan Airport where Piccariello and Gullion had previously seen an Eastern Airlines Electra parked in an isolated section of the airport. Carlson stayed in the car as a lookout, he said, while the other three slipped through the gate and placed the bomb.

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