I’ve been writing and shooting pictures forever. Almost.

I’ve worked for newspapers, wire services, ad agencies, PR shops, big corporations, politicians, colleges and all kinds of businesses, large and small.

I’ve written feature stories, obituaries and travel pieces. Speeches, ad copy and press releases.  Articles for trade journals, newsletters and motorcycle magazines.  I’ve photographed everything from wood furnaces to candles to dog shows to birds (actually, lots and LOTS of birds).

Recently, a prospective client said she would like to see my portfolio, and I was somewhat startled to realize that I had never put one together.  I’ve had a website for many years that focuses on my public relations business; but a portfolio that actually showcases my writing and my photos? For some reason, I simply never thought of it.

So I’ve spent some time scouring the Internet, looking through my computer files and paging through my dusty old filing cabinets in search of examples of my work. It’s been fun, and I’ve found quite a few examples that I don’t mind sharing (And a few things I would NEVER share in a million years. But that’s another story).

I decided the best way to showcase all this material was on a blog, where I can mix up words and pictures and post things as I find them. Since this is a blog, and newer stuff ends up on top of the pile, you may want to scroll all the way down to the bottom and then work your way back to the top.  But it really doesn’t matter; it’s all going to be a bit of a jumble anyway.

Thanks for visiting. If there is something you see here that sparks some sort of reaction in you, I’d love to hear it.

(And by the way… I have a separate blog now dedicated to my photo work. Take a look by clicking HERE.)

Bill Frederick

There’s one thing that you might find a little confusing. Most people know me as Bill, but my real first name is Arthur, and as a journalist I always wrote under my real name – Arthur Frederick. So if you see a story that is topped by a byline that says “By ARTHUR FREDERICK”, that’s why.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been writing and shooting pictures forever. Almost.

  1. Bill,

    Happened upon this and was very pleased to see it. I attended an impromptu late night celebration party at your striking eccentric home in Mount Vernon (or was it Vienna? – former home of a designated Maine State artist, as I remember). You called around and hosted the well attended party when Nixon resigned, lo those many years ago. I remember (I think) you cut a Bose speaker halfway through when opening one of your walls for a new door with a chainsaw on another occasion. You were always willing to tell funny stories, even if they poked fun at yourself. Sign of a good guy.

    I followed and respected your UPI reporting closely way back when, loved your laugh and was sad when you moved to become Senator Hathaway’s press secretary. You faded in the rear view mirror, as I’m sure I must have in yours, if you remember at all. Great memories. Sounds like much has gone well for you.

    I post occasionally to a WP blog myself. Perhaps you might check out some of the Maine Stories on a very slow day. quovadisblog.net. I suspect that our politics may have diverged a bit since those days, but a good guy remains a good guy, and you will always be one to me and Rita. I can picture your beautiful bride, but regretfully forget her name. That’s what comes at nearly 73.

    In any event, It is always a happy occasion to rediscover an old (very old) connection.

    Best to you and your family, Jack Parquette

    • Hi, Jack,

      Remember you and Rita well.

      Also remember Mt. Vernon with much fondness, but there came a day when we had to move on. We moved to Bath in 1984 and lived there for 10 years, then moved to Florida in 1993. We’ve been in Tampa Bay (Tarpon Springs) since. I retired about eight years ago, but poor Beth continues to work (she sells real estate).

      I’m writing fiction now — my novel “Nailing Coloradas” won a Silver Award in the Florida Writers Association annual competition, the Royal Palms Literary Awards, in 2017, and I’m trying to get two more novels and a couple of short stories ready for the 2019 competition. I’m also doing a lot of photography — website is http://www.billfrederickphotography.com .

      The Klir Beck House that you remember was destroyed by fire about 10 years (?) ago. We try to get back to Maine every summer and, when we do, we usually make a pass through Mt. Vernon. A bit shabbier than I remember it, but there haven’t been many changes.

      Haven’t checked out your blog yet but I will. Great hearing from you. Best to Rita.


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